Monday, December 8, 2008

Win An Oxymoron- A Nudist Colony T-Shirt!

That's right, just join the followers of OomBa Mail and you are in the running. The first 100 followers of the blog will all go into the drawing and the winner will receive one XL, but fits like a large Bluebonnet Nudist Park T-Shirt- FREE!!! Join today!


Bee said...

Yea, I love oxymorons! (I've also been known to love some morons.)

A t-shirt wearing nudist colony sounds like just the sort of nudist colony for me.

Pearl said...

Who can resist such a thing?!

Charli said...

I love t-shirts. And nudists. Wait. What?

Alan Mizell said...

Bee- A T-Shirt wearing nudist colony. Hmmm, some of the best parts are covered.

Pearl- I could. I have a feeling the patrons are not as fantasized.

Charli- Stop being so oxymoronish!

What a lucky man I am to be discussing the finer points of nudism with three attractive and intelligent women!