Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nair Manufacturer Not Interested In Back Hair Removal Idea, It Seems

Church and Dwight, makers of Nair hair removal products, have not as of yet been interested in a great marketing idea I submitted to them. If you visit the Nair website you will see various products for removing an amazing assortment of hair types with one glaring exception.

The company has totally ignored the viability of marketing to the hairy back crowd, one group that experiences more prejudice than any other. I submitted my request as my alter ego Gregor Chakerian, hirsute circus performer, and victim of a near tragic back hair accident. I suggest a new back hair removal product, even giving them the great name- BackLack! Just not interested I guess.

Though they do have a creative side as evidenced by the new ad campaign I spotted. See. even a Hyena's butt rates higher than a hairy backed man.

Read the whole sad tale here by clicking on the letter for a better view.