Saturday, November 29, 2008

M and M/Mars Candy Ignores My Great Idea Submission

My letter to the Mars candy company have gone unheeded, my GREAT ideas I suppose either tossed in the trash bin, or the devilish little guys are hard at work stealing my ideas. Sure they look cute in the commercials but look into the total candy dominance of this company and you'll start to wonder if M and M maybe stands for Mafia and Maniacs.

I submitted several ideas to Mars, one being an idea for a LARGE size M and M, maybe 4 inches wide, with a crunchy shell/chocolate interior, kind of like an all day sucker, something to enjoy on a longer term basis. Not as large as this photo, just bigger than normal. This led me to thinking about my dog. Everyone says chocolate will drop a dog like rat poison so I thought- why not make a meat-filled M and M so our four legged friends can enjoy the M and M experience?

It is possible someone already had this idea as I came across the M and M Meat Shops online. I am not sure if they are a butcher with a coincidental name or a Mars outlet selling my creation.

In any case. click on the letter below to read the work of genius that these people have managed to totally ignore.