Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sonic Says "Holy Fresh Fruit Smoothie Alan", Have A FREE Shirt!

Sonic Drive-In went the distance and in response to my letter complaining about too much ice and too little strawberry in my Fresh Fruit Smoothies, they sent a cool letter, which being the putz that I am I promptly misplaced. The letter apologized, said sometimes it happens, advised me to NEVER leave unsatisfied, to ask to have the drink remade or re-blended. In addition, they gave me the names of managers at Sonic Drive-Ins along the route of my road trip! Best of all they sent a FREE XL Sonic knit sport shirt, not just a tee. It's nice and heavy, well made, with the Sonic logo proudly, yet discreetly embroidered on the back just below the neck. Cool!

Neat logo, hmmm? Well placed, very professional. Well, they already were my favorite place to get a burger, hot dog, or smoothie. Click on the logo or here to visit the Sonic website.

Here's the original letter if you want to read it. Click on it for a better view.

I am planning to give away as prizes both of the shirts I have received and also any other cool stuff that might come in. I think maybe your choice of prize for the first 25 followers, and then at 50. What do you think?


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