Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our First OomBa Mail Response- And It Is A Doozie!

So the first letter ever to go out in the OomBa Mailbag was to the Bluebonnet Nudist Resort in Alvord, Texas. I inquired as to how accomadating they would be to a poor gent with a bit of a hairy situation. Read the whole sad tale yourself right here. Click on the letter for a much better view.

Well, a few weeks later a LARGE PRIORITY! package arrived from the resort. How exciting, possibly it was a stack of legal warnings from their lawyers. Nope. Super cool Edy and Bluebonnet sent me a great T-Shirt. For FREE! My daughter examined the package and wondered "They paid $4.60 to send that to YOU?" Well, it is OomBa Mail, right?

The super gracious and welcoming letter inside showed the Bluebonnet Park to be a First Class business, and...

The FREE T-SHirt sure as hell didn't hurt either! Thanks Edy and Bluebonnet for being so kind and fir that, you receive a FREE link on OomBa Mail, for like... forever!

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Alan Mizell


Alan Mizell said...

Hey, I mailed you a letter recently and you just sent me a T-Shirt. Huge thanks, that is so cool! I actually run a couple of websites and mail funny letters and see the responses. I mailed a letter to you about my extremely hairy back. Often large business responses are so straight they are ludicrous, but small businesses are usually cool- like yours.
Anyway, by writing such a cool note and sending a t-shirt, you have earned a FREE ad on the website for as long as the page is published, along with my compliments. Check it all out on OomBa Mail.
If you like that site you might also enjoy my trading project I am working on, Five Red Dice. I traded the dice for a cool artwork of Pamela Anderson with even less on than your guests- she is a skeleton! Now Pamela is up for trade. Check it out, even make a trade offer if you like.
Thanks again, hope some biz comes to you from my site, that would be great!
Alan Mizell

Edy said...

Hi Alan,
I thought your letter was legit. You are not nearly as hairy as I had pictured. The hair you enclosed was a nice,
but creepy touch. Please enjoy the T-shirt and thanks for the kind words and link to our site. Your websites are
cool, I'm trying to come up with something worth trading for Pamela.
Best wishes,